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Students get new perspective on history in a different kind of history class

AP students and non-AP students alike jogged with anticipation across the football field on a cold Thursday morning on March 22, 2012. These students of Mr. McPherson at SHS describe his class as “hard” but “awesome.” READ STORY »

Biotech Battle

Any idea trypanosoma brucei parasites are? Ask Senior Gabby Wilson—she’d be happy to teach you. Literally. Wilson has spent months researching them and preparing a presentation for the 2012 Student Bio Expo. Wilson is one of twenty SHS students heading to Bellevue to show off her project in the Bio Expo on May 24. READ STORY »

SHS Recieves Award from Foreign Exchange Student

Every year SHS hosts a wide variety of exchange students from across the world. People may see them in the halls but may not even know their names or who they are, which sometimes makes it difficult for students to realize that they aren’t from this little town of Snohomish. READ STORY »

Freshman Honors students get creative to study childhood

Linda Sparks and her Freshman Honors English class with the help of a second grade class, joined together last Friday to release butterflies that they raised. READ STORY »

Performing Arts Assembly shows off the talent of current and future students

Four time national champions, Future Panther Erik Linder and his partner Rickie Taylor got a standing ovation from SHS after dancing the samba and the jive at this year’s Fine and Performing Arts Assembly on Thursday May 10. Linder and Taylor have been dance partners since they were four years old. Now at only age eleven they have danced on Oprah, Dancing with the Stars, semi-finalist on America’s Got Talent, and on the youth USA dance team. READ STORY »

Seattle Shakespeare Company performs two plays for SHS students

Shakespeare is one of the most renowned writer in history. His works are featured in plays and books that are seen and read throughout society. On May 18, the SHS PAC featured two of his plays—“Romeo and Juliet” and “Hamlet.” Both plays will be performed by the Seattle Shakespeare Company, a local theatre group. According to Robert Sumner, an English Teacher, “they focus on Shakespeare’s plays and classical plays as well.” READ STORY »

Six students receive awards for service

Four SHS Students—Sophomores Danielle Sheets, Nick Juno, Jordan Saunders and Morgan David—are receiving awards for being a Junior Staff member who work at the local Snohomish Boys and Girls Club. Two other staff members, Senior Emma Titterness and Junior Kristyl Osborne, are also being awarded for leadership and community service, respectively. READ STORY »

Night of the Arts returns as a longstanding tradition

“Some people think that art is easy, but it’s not.”

That’s what Freshman Holly Noyes thinks of being one of the many students being showcased in the Night of the Arts. “It started with a small event back in 1986 with the art teacher Mike Moe,” said Volkert Volkersz, the SHS librarian. The following year, 1987, there was a full-blown Night of the Arts under the guidance of art teacher Susan Russell.  READ STORY »

FFA Heads to State

When some people see an FFA member, they see an itchy blue corduroy jacket and a sweaty face. But a fellow FFA member can look past that, deeper than just the surface. The jackets they wear stand for tradition and pride; made up of Corn Gold and Nation Blue. Their faces are sweaty because they’re focusing on the competition ahead; whether it is Veterinary Science, where they have to be able to recall hundred of different terms and machines, or Dairy Foods, where the competitor must be able to identify different kinds of dairy products. READ STORY »

Debaters head to Catholic Nationals

The SHS Debate team hopes to bring home a win from this year’s Catholic National Debate tournament. 

This weekend in Baltimore Maryland, senior Shannon Harris; and juniors Katelin Harris, Shannon Carroll, Anna Pisac, and Max Zinkand will be competing.  As well as an exciting trip with their team, these SHS students will be competing and mingling with debaters from several different schools. READ STORY »