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Students get new perspective on history in a different kind of history class

AP students and non-AP students alike jogged with anticipation across the football field on a cold Thursday morning on March 22, 2012. These students of Mr. McPherson at SHS describe his class as “hard” but “awesome.”

“It’s a lot of fun,” stated junior Andaya Suguyan as she waited for orders from her squad leader, Emily Howell, junior. As leader of squad one, Howell reads through her sheet of tasks to lead her squad through. “AP U.S. History is great, Mr. McPherson is a great teacher… it’s just epic standing here in a sweater, yoga pants, vans and a World War Two helmet, [even if people keep] bouncing stuff off of my helmet,” she exclaims as Liam Potocsnak, junior,  bounces his “rifle” off of her metal helmet. 

On the other side of the field stands squad two, lead by Jamais Barcott, junior. In his squad stands Jenna Metcalf, junior. “AP U.S. history is awesome, it’s a lot of work but it gives you a new perspective on history,” said Metcalf. Kris Smith, senior, returned to Mr. McPherson’s class just for this special occasion. Waiting in squad two, he states “APUSH is just epic, that’s the best explanation. I wanted to T.A. for Mr. McPherson but I didn’t have room in my schedule. This class [last year] improved my work ethic, now I do work on time, and turn it in when it is due!” he laughs.

After the two teams complete the obstacle course, completing tasks such as “assembling torpedo pipes” and carrying the dead in stretchers, they return to the finish line where squad two recieves “purple hearts” for their victory. Suguyan reflects that this experiences taught her that war is “hectic and confusing, and most of the time I had no idea what was going on.” In the end walking away from the “battle field” with a fresh perspective on history.