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Seattle Shakespeare Company performs two plays for SHS students

Shakespeare is one of the most renowned writer in history. His works are featured in plays and books that are seen and read throughout society. On May 18, the SHS PAC featured two of his plays—“Romeo and Juliet” and “Hamlet.” Both plays will be performed by the Seattle Shakespeare Company, a local theatre group. According to Robert Sumner, an English Teacher, “they focus on Shakespeare’s plays and classical plays as well.”

Sumner was the one who came up with the idea of having the plays. “My primary doing it was for ‘Hamlet’, but they thought ‘Romeo and Juliet’ would fit in as well.” The tragedy of Shakespeare’s work will be an interesting experience for students who will be viewing the plays. “The players will be performing 5 act plays in one day. It will certainly be an incredible feat to me!” said Sumner.

The Seattle Shakespeare Company began in 1991 presenting year-round plays for everyone who wished to view them. They believe that William Shakespeare’s plays are timeless works of art that cross all social and cultural boundaries. Sumner is a longtime fan of Shakespeare and is looking forward to the plays. “Students should expect actors who know the work of The Bard well while experiencing the play first-hand,” he said.

Senior Sadie Norkin, who saw Hamlet, thinks watching the play is a rewarding experience. “I think it’s definitely a classic that everyone should go to and it’s less confusing than reading the book in class,” she said.