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Night of the Arts returns as a longstanding tradition

“Some people think that art is easy, but it’s not.”

That’s what Freshman Holly Noyes thinks of being one of the many students being showcased in the Night of the Arts. “It started with a small event back in 1986 with the art teacher Mike Moe,” said Volkert Volkersz, the SHS librarian. The following year, 1987, there was a full-blown Night of the Arts under the guidance of art teacher Susan Russell. 

Volkersz first got involved with Night of the Arts twelve years ago while he was still a librarian at Machias Elementary. “When I came here ten years ago, I helped organize the performers for a few years,” Volkersz said. He began to help coordinate the event back in the 2007 with the former art teacher Cathy Tanasse before he took over in 2008. The job was shared this year with Toni Minish, the art teacher at Parent Partnership, who did most of the planning.

Volkersz decided not to display anything this year, although for the past couple years he had shown some of his photography. He performed with Jam Club, as he had done for several years. Instead of showing his work he arranged for the SHS night custodian, James Cooper, to display some of his paintings. “He is a natural born artist and most of our school doesn’t know it. I thought it would be fun to have his work displayed this year,” said Volkersz.

Art of all colors and forms were displayed on Thursday May 17 in the Commons. About 8-10 of those works belonged to Noyes. She was in the Night of the Arts for the first time this year. “It’s fun, but I’m a little self conscious being just a ninth grader. The upperclassmen are a bit intimidating,” Noyes said. She was awarded the Scholastic Art Award and an Honorable Mention in Block Printing. With her experiences from this year’s Night of the Arts, Noyes said if given the chance she would want to do it again next year. “It is a big opportunity to show people who think that art is easy that it’s actually tough to do.”

Volkersz found it almost to be a necessity to get involved in the Night of the Arts. “When Night of the Arts opened up at Glacier Peak High School, SHS was looking for a new coordinator for Night of the Arts. I applied and got the job,” said Volkersz. His family has loved music, art and books. Volkersz has been going to art galleries his whole life. “I love to support the arts,” Volkersz explained.