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SHS Recieves Award from Foreign Exchange Student

Every year SHS hosts a wide variety of exchange students from across the world. People may see them in the halls but may not even know their names or who they are, which sometimes makes it difficult for students to realize that they aren’t from this little town of Snohomish.

Senior Diana Zakaryan from Armenia, is just one of the few that joined SHS this school year. Zakaryan is involved in the study abroad program called CIEE. Each year CIEE and their students give out an award to the principal of the high school they attend as a thank you from the US Government and the placement organization.

During one of the weekly teacher meetings, Zakaryan presented Dr. Porter with the award. She proceeded to read what it said and handed it to her with confidence. Zakaryan said she was “really honored to present it and just really thankful for such a chance.” She didn’t know  at first that you could give an award to the school you attended as an exchange student, but when she found out she was really excited to be able to show her appreciation.

Being presented this award is an honor because it shows how much the exchange students have enjoyed being at our school. This award show that “the doors are always open for people [at SHS],” said Zakaryan.

Zakaryan had a good year at SHS. She said, “I love this school and I don’t want to leave. I enjoyed this year.”