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ASB Elections 2024

2024 is starting off strong with our ASB elections! This year as the class of 2025 takes center stage, we have many promising candidates: 

President:   Seth Abood, Braden Kallstrom, and Levi Beck 

VP: Tyler Gildersleeve-Stiles 

Sec: Lauren Rice, Jordan Rude 

Treasurer: Greta LeWarne 

PR: Emma Rice 


These candidates will present their speeches to YOU this Friday 1/5. Until then, we wanted to give you an inside scoop on each of our candidates and how they will make waves in our community! We interviewed as many candidates as possible to give you the fullest picture. 


Presidental candidates 

Seth Abood  

Seth’s Goal as president is to restore panther culture and some signature Snohomish traditions! Increasing student and community involvement in sports and school activities is very tough but if anyone can do it, Seth Can! 

Braden Kallstrom  

Braden has bright new ideas to shake up campus! One of them includes bringing back TOLO. TOLO is a girl's ask guy's dance like homecoming! I sense that with Braden, change is coming in! 



Tyler Gildersleeve-stiles 

Tyler is a very involved member of our community and an awesome team member! We asked her a what role she would play in helping guide ASB and being the main support for our future president. 

 She believes that as VP, she would be a superpowered sidekick, there to help support our president and the exec team when they need it. Always there to lend a helping hand.  



Greta Lewarne 

 Greta is running for ASB treasurer. She is an exemplary candidate because she is deeply committed to SHS, academically and personally. Her vested interests lie in striving to support our clubs and contribute as much as she can. 



Jordan Rude 

Jordan Rude is a highly valuable and involved member of our school community. He is in honor society, has consistent excellent grades, and still manages to stay involved and participate in school activities. His friends describe him as full of energy and super funny. A ball of fun! 


Lauren Rice 

Lauren Rice enjoys challenges and problem-solving. She has the skills to listen to the needs of students and staff to adapt and promote changes needed in our school. Lauren and Emma are a powerful sister duo. Should they be elected together, the two will band together to help our school. 


Public relations 

Emma rice 

Emma Rice is running for Public Relations officer. She hopes in the next year to promote consistency on the ASB social media pages. In addition, she hopes to align with other exec officers to encourage student involvement.