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FBLA Helps Build Better Business Leaders

Future Business Leaders of America, better known as FBLA, is a club where students learn about business and jobs, and develop usable experience that will help them with future career choices.   

In an interview with FBLA adviser Kathy Purviance-Snow, The Arrowhead learned some important and useful things about the club and how it helps students with future business aspirations.  

What are some activities that FBLA participates in? 

We go to conferences and network with business professionals. We will often tour businesses like Amazon/ Microsoft. We have guest speakers who talk about job interviews and resumes. WE also do community service projects and learn job site skills through running the espresso cart. 

Does FBLA look good to colleges? 

Yes! Colleges want to see that individuals are involved in clubs and activities to demonstrate that they are well-rounded. FBLA is an organization that builds leadership skills, teamwork skills, and confidence. Many students who have been in FBLA have been able to parlay their experiences to obtain roles in colleges such as resident assistants, working in admissions, and being mentors for underclassman. 

What is the workload of joining FBLA? 

The workload is chosen by the individuals. If you want to be really involved, you can spend 5-10 hours a week working on FBLA projectsbut everything is a personal choice; however, it is rewarding and fun. 

Does FBLA take field trips? 

Yes, however, because of Covid we have been limited to conferences. Hopefully, once things open up again, we will resume touring regional employers like Amazon. 


If students are interested in working at the coffee cart, FBLA would love for them to join. 

Joining FBLA will help develop lifelong friendships. In addition, business people and owners often ask Purviance-Snow for job candidate recommendations. 

Students interested in joining should stop by A125 to get a sign-up form.