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FBLA Runs Hygiene Drive for Holidays

Snohomish FBLA is running a Hygiene Drive benefitting the Snohomish Community Food Bank from November 12 through December 13, in time for the winter holidays. Students can donate hygiene necessities to families in need, including shampoo, toothpaste, and deodorant in travel or regular sizes, to a marked box in their third period class. The drive also accepts cash donations: every $2 counts as one hygiene item.

Brava’s Pizza will award a party to the class that donates the most items. Teacher Nicole Anderson is currently winning, followed by Biology teacher Tony Stapleton’s class in second, and teacher Jay Silver in third.

The drive has been a success, with 847 items in thus far.

FBLA Vice President of Community Service Izah Defigh came up with the idea for the Hygiene Drive and presented it alongside her officer team at a meeting in August. Business teacher and FBLA adviser Kathy Purviance-Snow credits Defigh with coordinating with Brava’s Pizza and the food bank, making posters to advertise the drive, and running weekly class item counts.

“Izah really spearheaded this and she did a fantastic job getting the sponsor for the pizza party as well as contacting Elizabeth Grant at the food bank and making sure she had all the details,” said Purviance-Snow. “She’s been really thorough in her ideas for executing this and she’s just a stellar human being and I think she’s amazing.”