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Senior Twins Recognized for Outstanding Achievement During Annual Band Concert

Senior Mara McRae was recognized when SHS students performed at the annual Spring Concert last night, showcasing two months of hard work put in by the five elective concert bands available through the high school.

The SHS band program hosts seasonal performances four times each year before family and friends. This year, the Snohomish Wind Ensemble played Irish Folk Melodies, a concerto piece where the band backed up the primary soloist senior Mara McRae. McRae was recognized for her commitment and initiative during her four years in the high school band program alongside her sister senior Jade McRae who will be also playing a feature piece at the end of the year. The other songs performed by the Wind Ensemble were Festival Prelude, Sheltering Sky, and Songs from the Catskills.

The Wind Symphony performed Peacemaker March, As Summer Was Just Beginning, and Primal Dances. The Symphonic Band played Procession of the Nobles, Ammerland, and Joy Revisited. The SHS two percussion ensembles also had their chance to shine when they played the pieces Streets of Ankara, Curse of Tortuga, Bailando La Soca, and Excalibur.

“I like hearing all the bands and how hard they had worked to get this far,” said Mara McRae. “I felt really honored and was really excited to show off what I could do.”