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Varsity Wrestling Loses 33-42 to Marysville-Getchell

The SHS varsity wrestling team lost against Marysville-Getchell with a final score of 33-42 last Friday.

The match started out weak with 3 pins on Snohomish until junior Mat Miller got a pin for the Panthers. After another two losses, senior Keean Ohlsen won a triple overtime match and got a pin, seemingly turning the tides for Snohomish. Junior Kyle Carlson scraped by with a win just one point over his opponent while another junior, Ryan Cote, got a pin from an armbar move. After this, another star varsity wrestler, junior Dylan Wheeler, threw his opponent in a fireman’s carry and in the next round, pinned him with a half nelson. Panther Classic champion, senior Ryan Douglas, came out with a slow start but showed up in the second half when he pinned his opponent.

“When you win by pin, it gets your team 6 team points, whereas when you win by points, you only get 3 team points,” Douglas explained. “So you really want to pin your opponents.” 

Sophomore Meier Bracken, was losing by 8 points and then got slammed on his head, pausing his match. He came back and finished his match, getting pinned right before time was about to run out.  During senior Elijah Osborne's match, he was disqualified for picking up his opponent and paused in the air to slam him on the ground. Following that was an upset for senior heavyweight wrestler Duncan King, who lost to a heavyweight that was supposed to be an easy match.

“We may have gotten too ahead of ourselves,” said junior Kyle Carlson. “Not everyone who showed up was ready to wrestle.”

The Snohomish loss left the team 1-4 in conference and 3-4 overall.