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SHS Debate Students Place During Recent Tournament

SHS Speech and Debate team sent students to the tournament that took place at Sedro Woolley High School for two days in the beginning of November with coach and administrator Mary Orlosky.

Junior Carlos Barajas placed 4th in Original Oratory. Junior Ruby George took 3rd place in congress.

“I love meeting all people from all around Washington that share the same interests that I do,” Barajas stated.

Barajas's events included arguing about many different bills for congress, a performance of an original oratory, or self-authored speech, on immigration, and a debate on whether criminals should have the right to vote after getting released from prison.

“There are about 11 or 12 people on our speech and debate team,” said George. “I think that we all did very well.”

George gave an informative speech about the importance of organ donations while encouraging people to become organ donors. Taking 3rd place in congress, she hopes to place 1st in a future tournament.