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These Kids Will Get Your Goat

The school year has barely started, and the Snohomish FFA students have already served 40 hours of combined community service at the local New Moon Farm Goat Rescue and Sanctuary, with the latest visit being this past Saturday.

Stacy Lischke, SHS agricultural science teacher and FFA advisor, has been bringing her students to the New Moon Farm for the last five years. During these monthly visits, the students participating receive hands-on experience with goat handling and generic farm work including putting up fences and shoveling manure.

“I went last year and it’s fun and a good time. It’s fun to play with the goats,” said senior Irelynne Monaghan. “I now have goats that I am using for livestock showing and for FFA or SAE projects.”

Unofficially founded in 1999, the New Moon Farm has since been devoted to the protection and promotion of the animals, whether that be by physically rescuing the goats from adverse environments or providing a distinct presence in the community with activities such as the annual Goat Olympics held at local fairgrounds.

 “I think that going out and petting some goats and pounding in t-posts and working with your hands and working with animals is a really good way to give back [to the community],” said Lischke. “I think that the kids that I take up there really benefit.”

Lischke’s agricultural science students are required to commit 10 hours each semester to leadership services. Examples include putting on the homecoming dance, running the spring plant sale, and community service gained from FFA activities.

“I recommend it. I think it’s a good project, no matter what,” said senior Andrew Bartelheimer. “As long you like animals, it’s a perfect project.”