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Top 6 Ways to Help Your Cold

It is cold outside, you know what that means! Runny noses, plugged ears and sore throats. That's right, cold season. 

No one likes to get sick, it is never a fun time, however there are many ways to treat that icky bug. 

A common cold is caused by a viral infection that occurs in the upper respiratory tract, which is your nose and throat area. Adults can experience two to three colds yearly. 

Since it is very easy to get it when you're around thousands of teens, most of us will get a cold. 

Here are the top six ways to ease that pesky cold. 

  1. Cold things. Anything cold, (popsicles, iced tea, ice cream, etc.) will help relieve the inflammation. 

  2. Hot showers/bathes. The heat will help soften the congestion in your nose. 

  3. Having extra vitamins. This will help your body have the energy to fight the cold. 

  4. Wash your hands more often. When you're sick your body's immune system is already being attacked, so you should try to not add more germs for your system to fight off. 

  5. Keep hydrated. Your body loses more fluids when you are blowing your nose, sweating, diarrhea, etc. you'll lose fluids so you need to replenish that loss. 


Most importantly...

Rest! Your body is busy fighting, try to have a rest day.