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Senior CADD Student Places Second in National Digital Design Contest

SHS senior Holli Welcker took second place in a national computer-aided drafting and design contest.  Last year, SHS CADD instructor Brad Johnson had his CADD II students enter the contest.  Holli placed second, earning her cash and lots of equipment. 

There were three categories students could choose: a storage space, entertainment center, or a cat habitat. Welcker choose to design the cat habitat that she called "The Cat Castle," basing the name off the castle-like towers on the sides. 

Unlike the other people entering the competition, the SHS CADD students only had two months to get their designs completed instead of alloted ten months. Johnson said that he normally does not require his students to enter competitions. Welcker spent all of class time and many lunches to complete her design. 

On July 25Johnson received  an email stating that “The Cat Castle, was one of the top designs chosen by [their] judges!” Welcker was surprised because she expected “fifth or sixth place." 

On August 22, Welcker was notified of her second place award.  

“[She] thought there was no way to beat [the other contestants]” Mr. Johnson said.  He thought she may get third or fourth place and that she “doesn’t cut corners.” 

She won $1,000 cash, computer software from Vero, machining equipment from Castle Inc, and other miscellaneous prizes.

Johnson said that he is very proud of her and hopes that she will continue building amazing things.