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Grizzlies vs. Panthers, So Close Yet So Far

Since 2008, the competition between the SHS and Glacier Peak varsity football teams have always resulted in a Glacier Peak victory. Glacier Peak kept their streak going, defeating SHS with a final score of 28 – 36, the tightest game ever. 

Cheer coach Kendra Peterson has been with the school for four years and had the strong belief that the SHS team would win, stating that it was “...finally our year” and that they would “go far [this year]” 

The Glacier Peak’s cheerleading coach Leanne stated that she was “not sure who [would] win” before quickly adding that “it’s not about winning, it’s about school spirit and having fun,” and both schools showed LOTS of spirit. 

First quarter the Grizzlies started off strong with seven points. By halftime the score was 14 – 0. Assistant Principal Steve VerHoeven stated minutes after the Grizzlies scored their second touchdown that “we still have time.” 

SHS stood tall while the Panther Band played during half time, led by three senior band members Drew Winston, Savannah Judd and Maddy Johnson. After halftime, SHS scored two touchdowns, tying up the game. The Grizzlies quickly took the lead back with another touchdown. By the beginning of the last quarter, SHS had 21 points and Glacier Peak had 28 points. 

Even with that extra push of enthusiasm from the crowd, the Panthers still ended the game with 28 – 36, fourteen points more than last year.