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The Chi Explodes with Political Drama and Detail

After watching the first episode of "The Chi", a brand-new show on Showtime, this writer needed to see more. 

"The Chi" was released on January 7, by creator Lena Waithe, best known for starring in the hit tv show “Master of None”. The show starts with teenager Emmet hearing a gunshot and investigating the corpse of a black teen boy in the south side of Chicago. Emmet then is caught by the cops and blamed for the murder.

I really like how the characters are portrayed in this TV series because they act as they would in real life, like seeing bullying in school or at work. The parents of the deceased boy really put the phrase "a tragedy brings people together" into perspective when the parents meet to look at their son's corpse. Set in the south side of Chicago, the community faces mystery after a black teenage boy is shot and left with his valuables on him. I really love the murder mystery theme along with the south Chicago vibe. The show is currently being shown on Showtime and has a ten-episode first season. The pilot of the show is incredible, with exceptional attention to detail.

“The Chi” airs Sunday nights on Showtime at 10p.m. EST. The next episode, “Quaking Grass”, will air on January 28.