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Girl's Basketball Brings Home Another Big Win

The SHS girl's basketball team brought home an overtime win against the Lincoln High School Abes in Puyallup Friday night 41-38. Supporters of the team, students and parents alike, were attentively watching the starting lineup as they left the first quarter down five points with a score of 11-6, with a total of 8 fouls divided between the teams.

It was another tough run in the second quarter, entering half-time down 23-10. The team regrouped for a moment with coach Ken Roberts, and were driven by the Panther cheer team and SHS pep band with a renewed energy and passion amongst cheers from the extensive crowd of Abes supporters.

In a scrappy 3rd Quarter, with relentless defense and quick rebounds with smooth transitions, the girls were down 29-21, with several big shots in the end of the third and start of the fourth quarter.

Against the intimidating and physically challenging Lincoln Abes, the Panthers persisted, and pulled off yet another nail-biting overtime game because of their refusal to let the scoreboard, or any other wavering factor distract them.

The Panthers' fourth quarter performance was nothing short of spectacular. The girls turned up the heat close to the final two minutes, and were down by 2 with less than two minutes on the clock. Then, after several good baskets by both teams, the score rested at 36-35 with the Panthers in the lead and a minute on the board.

The Abes kept up to par with the Panthers, just barely tying into overtime, bringing the score to 38-38 with barely two seconds left.

Overtime was scarce, with Panther fans cheering on their team with as much determination as the team had.  While the players were ruthless, the game came to a close with another Panther victory.

The girl's basketball team has now advanced to the Tacoma Dome in the Hardwood Classic, and will be playing next on Thursday at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma at 12:15pm.

Students who are wishing to take the rooter bus can get a form from the main office or the bookkeeper and must pay $10.