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SHS struggles to find replacement cheer coach

SHS is having a difficult time finding a cheer coach. Former coach Abby Goff turned in her resignation last year, and ever since then the squad has been trying to find a good replacement.  Although Goff is helping the team while they find her replacement, the squad is afraid if they don’t find a coach soon they won’t be able to make solid future plans for their upcoming season.

Sophomore Ellen Anderson said, “We’re hopeful that we will be able to get a coach soon, but we haven’t really heard about a new coach coming in yet. Hopefully we will get one before summer starts because that’s when our real practices start, and when we really need a coach.”

Not having a coach is starting to have a negative impact on the team, by not being able to set solid plans, but they are hoping for the best.  Anderson said, “It is definitely a lot harder for us to make routines without a coach, but everyone is doing the best they can and we know we will get a great coach if we wait.”

Sophomore Lauren Kuna said, “The advisers are great and they have been trying their best to help us figure everything out, but every team needs a coach. We are just waiting for a great one to come along.”    

With only a few more weeks left in the school year, the advisers for the cheer team are rushing to interview and find a coach for the 2012-2013 year.