The Panther Press

2017-2018 Staff

William Tong

Managing Editor

William Tong is one of the managing editors for The Panther Press. He loves to eat, talk, play the violin, get wrecked by people in video games, and write staff bios about himself in the third person.  He has made some great co...

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Evelyn Krupicka

Feature Editor

Hey there! I'm Evelyn, one of the editors of the feature section. In my free time, when I'm not doing homework or Panther Press, I can usually be found eating, baking, sewing, reading, watching Netflix, or hanging out with friends...

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Adi Srinivasan


Hi my name is Adi, and I am a sports reporter for the Panther Press. Among other things, I like playing basketball, video games, and programming.

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Nicolas Liu


Hello. My name is Nicolas, also known a Liuser 2. Together with my partner in crime, we have accomplished many great deeds, such as nothing. Without my partner in crime, I do math, physics, some poor musical things, arguing,...

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Evan Liu


Hey y'all!  Since you're using your valuable time to read through my staff biography, be prepared for a rocky ride. My name is Evan, also known as Liuser 1. Together with my partner in crime, we have accomplished many great...

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Jacob Cao

News Editor

Hi everyone who may have enough time on their hands to browse through these staff profiles! I see that you have made it to my page. My name is Jacob Cao or sometimes JJ. I am a News Editor for the Panther Press! I like to...

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Rajvi Shah

Copy Editor

I'm Rajvi, one of the Copy Editors for Panther Press. I read half of the articles, mostly classroom, feature, and opinion articles, before they are published. I enjoy decorating, hand lettering, and reading.

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Kunal Jain

Opinion Editor

This is Blue Are you going colorblind? probably. click me to find your destiny! click me to find out what that was all about!  ...

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Mohammad Khan

Copy Editor

Hi! I am a copy editor on the staff of the Panther Press....

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