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Kulik Classroom Article by Zayna Quraishi

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Kulik Classroom Article

By Zayna Quraishi

In this upcoming month, the Panther students will start finishing up the school year, but will still be busy.

Sadly, there is no more time for poetry this year, so the “What will your verse be?” poem was the last one this year. Also, much to the relief of many Panther students, the weekly etymology tests are over.  Lastly, when asked about how the Panthers can improve on WordMasters, Mrs. Kulik said that the students performed well on the last test.The only change that she made to her approach is having each person do all the words for their definition slides instead of dividing up the work in a group. If they keep their “all or nothing” attitude, the students will improve.

Mrs. Kulik is very confident about how the argument unit will turn out, saying that the students like their topics and their interest will determine the outcome of the unit. Under her direction, the students will be researching their topics, writing a partner paper, and finally having a debate throughout the course of the next few months.

Even though the school year is winding down, the Panthers will still have to put in their very best effort!

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Kulik Classroom Article by Zayna Quraishi