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Titus Classroom by Nick Liu

Nicolas Liu

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The month of March marks the beginning of Spring, but it is also a start to many things, especially for math teacher Mr. Titus. He has begun teaching using foreign methods, and has important news to share regarding his life outside of school.

First on the checklist is the matter of German problems. For the eighth grade Panther students, those two words mean challenging math problems. Mr. Titus explains that he uses them in the curriculum each year for his students because it provides a good challenge and a new way of thinking. He believes that many problems provided in the math textbooks are relatively easy questions, and that harder problems which exercise mathematical ability are hard to find. However, these problems make students think outside of the box and apply fundamental concepts to new problems.

On March 14th, Mr. Titus brought back another victory from the Junior High Math Competition (JHMC) hosted at Illinois Math and Science Academy (IMSA). He felt that his students performed well, and the awards reflected that opinion. There were six individual medalists from Kennedy. Three of them tied for first, while two tied for second. The team and creative thinking tests were also dominated by Kennedy students, making the overall school score in favor of Kennedy as well.

Another highlight that made the day special was the reunion between Mr. Titus and the very first principal that hired him. They caught up and had a couple laughs, and that anecdote really made the day more special than it already was.

However, not all good things last, which bears forth the unfortunate news: Mr. Titus will be leaving Kennedy Junior High next year. He is in perfect health, though he will be moving to the Kansas side of Kansas City. Mr. Titus feels very conflicted on the matter. He is saddened by the thought of leaving Kennedy, although he believes that it is the right thing to do for a variety of reasons.

First, his wife was given a wonderful job there, and the opportunity was too great to pass up. Also, Mr. Titus’ and his wife’s families live in Kansas, and the distance between them will be shortened. Mr. Titus feels that he is doing the right thing for his family, despite the fact that he always has enjoyed teaching at Kennedy.

March is definitely a different period of time when change is omnipresent. Cultures are intermixed, fun anecdotes are born, and livelihoods are modified for the better. Mr. Titus will be missed by Kennedy, and hopefully he’ll have a promising future in Kansas

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Titus Classroom by Nick Liu