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Science Olympiad Regionals by Jacob Cao

Jacob Cao, News Editor

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On Saturday, March 10th, the Kennedy Junior High Science Olympiad teams traveled to College of Dupage (COD) to compete in the regional competition. As early as 7 A.M., competitors started to arrive with their various build events and test materials, some of which had to be “impounded” by 7:45. Impounding is when build events must be turned in to the judges at the beginning of the day and will only be returned right before the event begins. The first events started at 8:00 am and events stretched through 2:50. Some of the events were run by coaches from various schools including Kennedy’s very own Mrs. Hollander and Ms. Atiq.

Some people had all of their events packed into the morning, others in the afternoon, and others had their events spread throughout the day. In between their events, competitors had a lot of downtime to work on homework, explore COD, or watch other people’s events.

Once all of the events concluded at around 2:30 pm, everyone met back in the “homeroom”. Though awards were supposed to start at 4:30 pm, the Kennedy teams went early to get good seats on the bleachers. However, their hopes to sit on the bleachers were soon squashed, as one of the event supervisors said that the bleachers were only for high school competitors and parents.

The awards officially started around 5:00 and a few members of the team had doubts about whether Kennedy would make it to the State competition. Mrs. Atiq, however, had no concerns stating that, “In her 15 years of teaching at Kennedy, every single year Kennedy has made state.” Her statement was reinforced once the awards got started, as Kennedy “medaled” in almost every event.

For each event, the top four or five teams (depending on JV or Varsity) get a medal. The top five teams from regionals move onto state, meaning that if a team “medals” in all of their events, they will make state for sure. However, just because a team does not medal in every event, it does not mean that they will not make state. The way that the overall rankings work is based on points, not based on medals. As long as they don’t “tank,” meaning that they get last place or they do pretty badly, then a team can still move on, due to them still getting a decent amount of points.

Overall, Kennedy placed second behind South Middle School by only 1 point. This extremely slim loss brought up many regrets from members of the team, as first place was so close. Nevertheless, Kennedy is wishing the Science Olympiad team good luck as they travel to UIUC to compete in the State competition!

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Science Olympiad Regionals by Jacob Cao