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10Time Presentation by Bibiane Kan

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The week before Spring Break is packed with presentations regarding the eighth grade Panthers’ 10Time Presentations. For nearly a month in advance, the students have been filming their video or formatting their slideshows so they can inform their classmates on their 10Time Project and how much progress they’ve achieved.

A 10Time Project is a variation of a 20Time, where students get 2 of the 10 Language Arts periods a week to work on their projects. In the Panthers’ case, they received 1 period a week to work on their 10Times. Much of the project was self-directed, but Mrs. Kulik was there to give advice and offer helpful suggestions to the students. The students had to come up with their own ideas on what they would do throughout the six month time period. There were a few main criteria that their project had to meet. First, the 10Time had to be a task that would last the duration of which the 10Times would continue, and second, the main idea of a 10Time was to benefit either a group of people, or help in solving a world issue, such as starvation or poverty. Other than meeting both of the requirements, all the 10Time Projects were completely different.

The 10Time Presentations were created so the students could update their classmates on what they had completed in the six months they were provided with to work on their 10Time Projects. The presentations were to start off with a captivating opening, which would include the inspiration for the project, an allusion to the lesson learned, and a roadmap of the presentation to follow. The presentation itself would have a description of why the project was created, the journey of the project, an explanation of the research, an analysis of whether the project was an overall success or failure, and a documentation of the growth of the students. To earn points for the aesthetics of the presentation, the 10Time presentations were supposed to have colorful images, an insightful reflection, and it had to be well organized.

Due to the differences in their projects, all the results varied. There were some 10Time Projects that especially stood out to the students. A group of five students asked for donations of gently used formal wear so the less fortunate would be able to have appropriate attire for certain occasions. Another group focused on being kind, a more mental aspect of societal issues. With so much violence and hate in the world today, kindness is surely one of the most lacking concepts. This is why the group decided to spread kindness by writing out inspirational and cordial messages on notecards and put them in students’ lockers. Not only did the notecards bear a kind message, but it also told the receiver to pass the notecard on. Thus, throughout the school, students would anonymously find a courteous note in their locker. Yet another group sewed their own reusable bags, and used the excess of the fabric to make pencil cases in order to not have any of the materials go to waste. They then donated the profits to an organization that had a similar aim to the 10Time Project. Four students formed a 10Time that taught younger students how to play different instruments, while another group hosted an instrument drive, where donations of instruments were greatly appreciated. One 10Time Project focused on enhancing students’ knowledges of diabetes, and sold baked goods in order to raise money to donate to the American Heart Association for diabetes research.

Though the 10Time Projects have ended, the aftermaths have most definitely left a lasting impression on the community. From collecting donated clothes to teaching young students how to play the piano to selling baked goods to raise money for charities, all of the Panthers did well at achieving the main goal of the 10Time – to better society. Congratulations to all the students!

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10Time Presentation by Bibiane Kan