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Barr Classroom Article by Isabel Azarcon

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Barr Classroom Article

By Isabel Azarcon

A congratulations is in order for the seventh grade language arts classes, securing a first place national win in the recent Wordasters competition. They are currently wrapping up the Wordmaster Round 2 definitions, and are studying voraciously to keep their title. Meanwhile, Mrs. Barr has introduced these students to various concepts regarding literary analysis by delving into the well-loved comic, Calvin and Hobbes. Each student is instructed to choose a character and argue an archetype of their choice that fits their character’s image, using the comics as evidence. This  allows them to be prepared for analyzing Lord of the Flies and writing reports about their Companion book project. Through Google sites, their literary analyses will eventually be reviewed by the eighth grade students. Yet, her favorites in the curriculum are the aforementioned Calvin and Hobbes unit and the Drama unit. This subject involves reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the history of theater, and monologues.

For her social studies class, students channel their creativity to produce assessments that may come in the form of a skit, video, essay, or infographic. Following the Civil War and Reconstruction units, Mrs. Barr is eager to begin World War I and World War II, as well as hosting the coming Cold War simulation. Although expecting a great deal from her classes, she realizes that U.S. History is not as obvious as geography, but hopes that they can perceive it differently. She hopes that the seventh graders reach this understanding because they are undergoing a massive transition with higher expectations. However, those that have succeeded thus far are actively engaged, find value in school, and manage their time efficiently. For students looking for leisurely reading material, Mrs. Barr has recently purchased new additions to her classroom library. These books include: the 4th Red Rising book, Thunderhead (Scythe series), Invisible Library, Cruel Prince, Fairy Man, and other mystery books. So far, her favorites have been the last book in the Red Rising series, Iron Gold, and Thunderhead. Accommodating all of the precious literature is not as difficult as trying to fit the needs of all the PI+ parents for the upcoming parent-teacher conferences on February 15th and 16th. With the high level of parent involvement in academics and only forty-four slots per teacher, it will be yet another challenge for all of the teachers. Still, Mrs. Barr looks forward to communicating with the parents and sharing the progress that her students have made.

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Barr Classroom Article by Isabel Azarcon