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“A Night Under the Stars” Dance, a Sparkling Success

It may not be clear how the theme, “A Night Under the Stars,” can be applied to an indoor dance held on a rainy winter night.

Snohomish High School’s first winter dance since the Covid-19 lockdown was held last Saturday, January 21st at Lord Hill Farms. Before Covid-19 limited school activities, winter dances were held as one of the three annual dances at SHS. While the winter dance has been hosted by ASB in past years, SHS’s Future Farmers of America (FFA) club hosted it this year to build their leadership skills and fundraise.

While this dance wasn’t really under the stars, the FFA managed to decorate the venue to give off the starry night feel. The combination of fairy lights, chandeliers, and flower arrangements was pulled together by a charming white and gold color scheme.

Mrs. Brown, advisor of the FFA club said that the dance took, “a lot of planning,” including, “securing the venue, booking the DJ, having FFA students plan decorations, and setting up on the day of the dance.” While Mrs. Brown did the more technical planning, like booking the venue and the DJ, planning other aspects of the dance, like decorations, was a student-led process.

At first, there were only a few people on the dance floor, but it eventually held most students at the venue. Junior Mary Clarke said that her and her friends, “started the Cha Cha Slide [by DJ Casper] when no one was on the dance floor and then everyone else joined in.”

The dance was a great opportunity for students to spend quality time with friends and meet new people. “My favorite part was just hanging out with my friends,” junior Abigial Fendley said. Sophomore Kenzi Moore said her favorite part was, “dancing with [her] friends,” and “getting ready before the dance.”

Throughout the dance, there was a long line of students waiting to take pictures at the photo booth. Sophomore Reese Anderson, “really loved the picture booth and really liked that they printed them out immediately.”

Overall, “A Night Under the Stars” had a great turnout and will be a dance to remember.