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SHS Culinary Arts Students Get Creative With a Traditional Holiday Passtime

The winners of the SHS’s Foods and Nutrition classes’ biannual gingerbread show were announced on December 14.

Culinary arts instructor Linsey Turski has her Foods and Nutrition students build unique and creative gingerbread house designs as part of the course curriculum. Her first semester teams set up their gingerbread structures to be judged by different classes from Snohomish High School. Second semester students get to showcase their projects at the SHS Night of the Arts with hopes of winning a ribbon in the category.

After the long week of baking, one fourth period group won and one fifth period group won. In fourth period, the Best Overall House and Most Structurally Sound House went to “Christmas Wonderland” created by senior Amberlynn Smith, senior Alyssa Perez, junior Carlos Barajas, junior Holly Butler, and freshman Stella Derosiers. Their house was structured to resemble a gingerbread mansion. In fifth period, the Most Unique House went to “A Star Wars Christmas” created by senior Megan Lever, senior Derek Nguyen, senior Nina Thourvemont,  and sophomore Kaela Yamane. This group built a gingerbread Death Star.

The guidelines were that each of the twelve total groups could construct any gingerbread object they wanted; the stipulation being that it must a three-dimensional structure.

Some groups built advanced houses, log cabins, football stadiums, and one group even built a prison.

"Even though we didn’t win, my group and I still had a lot of fun,” said senior Max Roppo.

During the week, the students had to handmake their own gingerbread. They then had to form and cut the gingerbread into whatever shape they needed to execute their three-dimensional building. They also had to handmake their icing and bring in all the candy accessories they would need to decorate their structure. The judging began on December 6, a little over a week after the process began.