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Presenting the 2018 Candidate for ASB Treasurer

 The ASB election assembly took place today, January 19, and there will be many candidates to choose from, but many people do not know much about them.

Meet junior Emma Lever. Being the one and only candidate for ASB treasurer, Emma has been inspired to run for this ASB member position since a ASB trip she took during the summer of 2017. The responsibilities of a treasurer, like the name implies, include managing the money distribution across the school. They make sure the clubs and sports get adequate funding throughout the year.

Emma has “…heard it gets pretty busy…” as the year goes on, since she takes part in multiple extracurricular activities at once such as Link Crew, National Honors Society, German Club and Panther Pals. She claims to be “really good at handling classes and school.”

“I’ve always liked ASB… I’ve done it since freshman year,” Lever says.

Emma has a passion for student government, and realizes the challenges involved. She was a part of the ASB senate 2015, and ran for secretary the following year “…and had a lot of fun doing it.” Many clubs around the school have complained that they aren’t getting enough money. Senior Isabelle Nyquist, the current ASB treasurer, has told Lever that “…we need to give more money to clubs that have more wants versus needs.” Basically, she wants to help manage money distribution to clubs that require the money, and also try to give money to clubs that want more money as well.

Emma Lever is very aware of the position, responsibilities and pressures involved in this office, and has a passion for serving the Associated Student Body, which all make for great traits in a candidate.

To vote, visit, with your username being your first name and last name separated by a dot, and your password being your six-digit student number.