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Naperville Central High-school Orientation by Max Reiner

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NCHS Orientation

By Max Reiner


On January 10th, 8th graders heading to high school next year, streamed into Naperville Central High School with their parents to explore a variety of different clubs and courses, deciding what they want to focus their attention on throughout the upcoming four years. Although the informational session started at seven, many people arrived early to walk around the school, guided by a handful of volunteering seniors. Because of the number of incoming 8th graders, about 1000, and their parents added on top of that, there were about 3000 people exploring the building in addition to the students helping to lead the event.

When a future student came into the building at six thirty hoping to catch a tour, they would find a large group of people in the same boat. Slowly but surely, seniors would take about 20 people at a time, showing them around the most useful parts of the school. At this point, many students imagine getting lost during the school year, and with the Naperville Central floor plan, that will not be hard. In one part of the building, the second and third floor are identical save for what classes are on which level, and in the flat part of the building, the corridors look nearly the same.

As seven o’clock loomed, the  visitors were ushered into the main gym where a student-led band gave a five minute performance before the Principal gave his speech. He introduced the head of the CTE department as well as the Fine Arts department lead teacher, giving them some time to talk about their section of the school day. The crowd was then split into roughly three even groups, each going to a different station and exploring a different set of activities or classes. This method, however, did not work out because where one of the stations occurred, there was only enough room for half of the people in each group, and another location had enough space for two of the groups. Within all of the confusion, most people just went where they wanted to go and where they would fit.

The stations themselves consisted of a table, often with a poster and a sign-up sheet, and a person or two representing the sport or club. All sports throughout the year were shown from Football to Badminton, as well as all of the currently existing clubs, from debate team to a Doctor Who fanclub. In addition many of the academic sections had representatives who the students could talk to if they had any questions about their course material. The whole experience was a success with students and parents alike knowing a little bit more about the next four years.

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Naperville Central High-school Orientation by Max Reiner