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2018 – An Overview by Max Reiner

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2018 – An Overview

By Max Reiner

With 2017 behind in the past, it is time to look forward and see what the next year holds. Many things from the Odyssey to high-school loom on the horizon as the first month of the year is quickly gone and a bright 2018 is in the future.

During the past month of January, all 8th grade students of Kennedy Junior High and other middle schools in District 203 have chosen their courses for their freshman year of High School. On January 9th and 10th incoming freshmen were given the opportunity to visit their future High Schools. Current students were there to welcome them, giving tours and introducing them to a variety of different sports and clubs that they will be able to participate in throughout the next four years of their life.

The next step is a meeting with a High School counselor on February fifth to finalize course selections and answer any outstanding questions that students may have. After that date, courses will be finalized and hard to change. For those looking to take other advanced courses: AP Computer Science, AP Physics, or  Honors Pre-Calc, they merely have to contact their counselors, explain their qualifications, and hope

As the end of the school year looms on the horizon, so does the day that the current 8th graders say goodbye to Kennedy Junior High and graduate from their middle school years. The awards ceremony will come and go more quickly than one ever would have expected. Another grade will then make their final victory lap and move on to the next stage in their lives. However, before all of this happens, 8th grade will go on a well known farewell boat trip: The Odyssey. One last fun excursion during middle school, the 8th grade will get the chance to go to Navy Pier and spend the day offshore, spending time with friends before they go their separate ways

Over the summer, there are a variety of programs offered by the school district that are fun and engaging for all students including a trip to Washington D.C. and summer school, a chance to get ahead in academic work. The upcoming year offers many amazing opportunities for all who have the initiative to take them.

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2018 – An Overview by Max Reiner