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Behind the Scenes by Henry Xie

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Behind the Scenes

By Henry Xie

The Learning Commons

Kennedy Junior High School has an area that is virtually unexploited but bursting with learning opportunities. It features large spaces for students to collaborate and work, holds some elements vital for students to work efficiently on a day-to-day basis, and offers items that encourage learning. This space is the Learning Commons and is run by some of the most committed, kindhearted staff members that I have ever seen.

I was given unprecedented and unparalleled access to the Learning Commons to find out more about the great things that it has to offer but also to meet the people behind such an important part of our school. I talked with Mrs. Wright, who works as an L.R.C. assistant alongside Mrs. Romero.

Mrs. Wright has been working at Kennedy Junior High School in her current position for over three years, while Mrs. Romero has been working here for five. From the experience that she has gained, Mrs. Wright can say very confidently that work days at the Learning Commons are always busy. Mrs. Wright must work 8-hour work days, from 7:30-3:30 to keep up with the great amount of work that comes their way every day.

Obviously, there is a reason that things are so busy around the Learning Commons. Not only does the Learning Commons staff manage library books, but they also must take care of classroom textbooks, set up and manage breakout games, and distribute loaner Chromebooks and chargers. On top of all that, Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Romero must work to ensure that they abide by the budget set for them and that they continue to change the L.R.C. into a learning commons.

After visiting the librarians’ workplace and getting to know them a little bit better, I can say for sure that their work is crucial to the students and the school environment as a whole.

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Behind the Scenes by Henry Xie