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Whine and Cheese by Evan Liu

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Whine and Cheese

By Evan Liu

Before He or She Cheats

I’m not going to dig any keys into the sides of cars, but I want to know why people cheat. What is the point of doing it? Is it because of the pressure put on them by their families, or do they cheat to save face in front of their friends?

Cheating is incredibly unfair to those of us who choose to study with academic integrity. While we spend long hours flipping through textbooks and referencing classroom activities in an effort to enhance our learning and earn that wonderful A, cheaters decide to take the easy way out. It is entirely possible that they too have spent time studying, but when it comes time to take the assessment, they rely on the work of others over their own brains. If the students who cheat don’t know the material, then it is a shame for them, but if they aren’t working with integrity, they don’t deserve the grade or the knowledge.

Although this statement may sound quite generic, it is true that students who cheat off of another’s work are cheating themselves. Students go to school in order to learn, and their parents pay their taxes so that students have access to every learning opportunity possible. The grade is merely a reflection of the knowledge that they have learned. Faking a grade merely fakes learning, and any variation of cheating is a lie to oneself. If there is one thing that a person can do to elevate them as humans, it is to be truthful to themselves.

Now, it’s entirely possible that this article will be completely dismissed by a lot of people who will decide to continue on with their decisions. But maybe this article will help people realize the wrongness of their ways. Maybe next time they’ll think before they cheat…

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Whine and Cheese by Evan Liu