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You… Do You by Anusha Kumar

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You… Do You

Anusha Kumar

Holiday Hype…

As the holiday season draws nearer, gift shopping is in full session. Whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or the like, finding the right presents can be the hardest part of the holidays. Fear not, gift-giving is easier than it may seem, as long as you follow three simple tips.

  1. Make it special.

When giving a gift, the overall experience must be memorable. Presentation is key. Using holiday-themed wrapping to wrap a present well can elevate a generic gift to an excellent one. Wrapping presents is an art that comes with patience and practice. However, if you still have not mastered the skill, opt for a decorative gift bag with some matching tissue paper.

For someone who may be closer, consider a scavenger hunt using clues that hint about the gift you purchased. As the saying goes, the ends justify the means, and if you put in the effort, you will receive the desired appreciation.

  1. Get personal or stay generic.

The hardest part of gift-giving is the actual gift. With someone whom you feel closer to, you know them pretty well so try to get personal. Think about not only their interests but items that represent your relationship with this person. These gifts can reveal how much you know them on a personal level.

Sometimes, you don’t get as lucky. Events like Secret Santa can be very difficult if you’re gifting someone who you don’t know very well. The key to making the right purchase is going generic. Go for a present that is currently popular such as smart home gadgets, beauty boxes or high-end tea. You can never go wrong with a best-seller. If you do, there’s always a gift receipt.

  1. Give presents of presence.

If you’re stuck and can’t come up with any ideas, material items are not the only route to take. Give the present of your presence. Think of a unique skill you possess and try to share it. If you are well practiced in multiple musical instruments, write and play a song specifically for the individual you are gifting. If cooking is your hobby, prepare an extra-special meal for them. Sharing your passion with someone is a thoughtful gift and may serve to strengthen your connection. Volunteer your time and your energy to perform small tasks for them such as free babysitting or lawn mowing. The possibilities are truly endless.

This holiday season, don’t drive yourself crazy attempting to find the right present. Remember that holidays are the best time to appreciate one another through our thoughts, words, actions, not a time to fret over presents. By using the three tips provided and knowledge from your own experience, holiday shopping will be a breeze. Show how much you care this year by gifting the perfect present.  

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You… Do You by Anusha Kumar