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Mr. Titus’ Birthday by Nicolas Liu

Nicolas Liu, Classroom Reporter

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The birthday festivities have come around again, this time, celebrating the special day teacher Mr. Titus. The 2017-18 eighth grade Panthers came in early one morning and decorated his classroom, throwing in some gifts as well.

Mr. Titus is a math teacher with a lot of experience, as he has been teaching in the field for years. Known for his joking attitude, he is a “casual” and “fun teacher,” states Evan, an eighth grade Panther.

The preparation for his birthday fell on  the morning of December 4th. It began around 7:30, and the organizers started to assign people to certain jobs. Another fellow Panther, Grace, said that the event seemed to be a great team building exercise.

Streamers were hung from the ceiling and the doorframe, creating a special effect whenever someone walked in or out of the classroom. Some students also created colorful signs that expressed joy throughout the classroom. The spotlight of the decorations, however, was the whiteboard, as it received the attention of many creative eighth grade illustrators.

Throughout the day, Mr. Titus received many “Happy Birthday!”’s as well as a bag of Butterfingers from student William Tong.

Mr. Titus reacted to these acts with his typical manner. He was quite mellow, but still able to express his gratitude. In math class, he could be seen hiding behind his veil of streamers, acting quite playful. The decorations seemed to lighten his spirits for the rest of the day, making him all the merrier. Happy birthday Mr. Titus!

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Mr. Titus’ Birthday by Nicolas Liu