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8th Grade Course Selection by Jacob Cao

Jacob Cao, News Editor

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8th Grade Course Selection

By Jacob Cao

On December 5th, academic counselors from Naperville North and Naperville Central High School came to Kennedy to talk about course selection and general high school life. They reassured the eighth graders that high school wasn’t as daunting as it seemed, but some of the eighth graders didn’t seem very confident.

The thought of moving from a school with not even one thousand students to one with nearly four thousand sends chills down some students’ spines. On top of this, for those taking Honors or Advanced Placement classes, the classwork will be much more challenging.

For the Panther students in particular, many are obsessing over what classes they will be taking, and some are even thinking about testing ahead or doubling up on science classes. Doubling up on science would mean taking Honors Chemistry along with AP Physics 1.

The default classes for most of the Panther students will be Honors Algebra II, Honors Chemistry, Honors English I, and most controversially, AP World History. The choice to take AP World is controversial because it is arguably the hardest class, and though it is weighted, taking the class is only worth it if an A is earned.

On perhaps the most important two days for eighth graders, January 9th and 10th, they will be selecting courses for their freshman year in high school, setting the course for the years ahead. 

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8th Grade Course Selection by Jacob Cao