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Mrs. Hollander Impact

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Mrs. Hollander has showed science can be fun, and that learning not only comes from the teacher, but from fellow students. Her encouragement of collaboration and laughing has given her students an opportunity to grow with each other, not just in the learning environment, but in personal circumstances too. Her passion and explanation that went along with her teachings made them easily understandable and inspired students to do more.


Her favorite characters, the minions from Despicable Me, are certainly reflected in her classroom with all of the positive group work that occurs. “The association function in the lab of Mrs. Hollander is an ace way to master participation and budding pacts,” student Kristin Cho said, commenting on how she enjoyed bonding with friends while learning about science. Students enjoy this group work, especially when they can pick their peers, finding it a good way to learn not only during lab situations but also during note-taking and the completion of worksheets.


Mrs. Hollander makes where new information can be applied in students’ lives clear by designing immersive labs that could be analyzed to find real world meaning. “I was always thought that they were really creative and engaging, so I always had fun while I was learning things,” Ellen Yandel said in regards to Mrs. Hollander’s original labs. This sentiment was not only shared by Miss Yandel but by most of the Panther team.


Learning in her class has always been interactive experience in Mrs. Hollander’s class. For example, she is good at singing, and so whenever her class would get too carried away, she would make a highShe has tried to cover a variety of different topics to keep them engaged, and through this process she has come up with activities which are not only educational, but enjoyable. Kelly Zhang said, “The ambiance of her classroom is always positive, and she pushes us to work our hardest and to do our best.” The Panthers will definitely miss all of the labs Mrs. Hollander planned out for her science classes.


Students also remember her passion. When giving what would be an otherwise boring lecture, Mrs. Hollander reached beyond the topic, explaining its application or further usage in the realm of science. This engaged her students and caused them to become more excited about what they were learning. “She was passionate about science,” Angela Jing stated. The Panthers will miss how Mrs. Hollander could turn any PowerPoint into an exploration of deep science concepts.


Not only is Mrs. Hollander a dedicated science teacher, but she is also a very good social studies teacher. In her social studies rotation, she tries to teach the students through a new method every day. Each day is unique, and this variance in learning style really helps students to remain interested and absorb the all of the information. Her rotation provides students with an opportunity to express their ideas and knowledge through group projects, public speaking, and class discussions.

But who is Mrs. Hollander? Her students will remember their experience in her class as funny, enjoyable, and educational. Mrs. Hollander has a passion for science, which will be missed. All of the Panther students have found a connection with Mrs. Hollander through her love for science and humorous personality. Mrs. Hollander has been very influential for all of the Panthers and she has encouraged them to do their best and to pursue their passions.
Mrs. Hollander has had a huge impact on the lives of current and graduated PI+ students. Her creative ways of education, including group work, original labs, and a variety of engaging topics and their applications. She was passionate with her teaching, helping students discover new areas of science. Even in social studies, Mrs. Hollander introduces activities everyday that are engaging and unique. Mrs. Hollander will be missed by all of her students as she moves on to the next stage in her life.

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Mrs. Hollander Impact