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Dark Knight. Caped Crusader. Matches Malone. Demon of the night. He’s been known by many names, perhaps the most famous of all being Batman. A character of mystery and a history of darkness. Batman has always been an iconic hero, perhaps most notably known for his detective ability and strategies. But what is Batman to the world outside his comics, his tv shows, his planet? That’s one question that you can trust me to answer.

Since the 1930s, Batman has been a source of wonder to people of all ages. As a character in comics, Batman started off as a young boy named Bruce Wayne, the son of multi-millionaire Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne. However, one tragic day, his parents were shot and killed, murdered in front of young Bruce’s eyes. This horrifying moment changed him, and when he accidentally fell into a cave underneath his mansion, he decided to become something that would prevent others from having to suffer the pain that he felt. From that day on, he became Batman, a hero of the night, the protector of Gotham City.

Batman became known for his superior detective tactics in Gotham City, and to the rest of the world, he became known as the strongest human hero, for he had no superpowers other than his brain, which he trained to the level it is over time. He joined the Justice League, filled with people that have considerable super powers such as Superman and Wonderwoman. His strategic mind and complex technology bring him his victory.

Perhaps his most popular pairing is the Dynamic Duo, a partnership between Batman and Robin, a young boy whose parents were murdered, much like Batman’s. Batman took the boy in and found that Robin, named Dick Grayson, had many similarities to him. He wanted revenge on criminals and all those who seek to harm. He wanted to fight when others wanted to hide. With that sense of determination, Batman decided to take Robin into the world of crime fighting.

Batman’s combat techniques involve his above-normal human-level strength, his superior intellect, and his top-notch technology, which he makes himself. His arsenal includes things like ‘batarangs’, bat hooks, bat shark repellant, electromagnetic shockwave blasters, cryptographic sequences, and much, much more.

As a person, Batman is always dedicated to his work and is loyal to those who have earned his trust and respect. In times of need, Batman fears no one and nothing, not even fear itself. He will fight until the end, calmly plotting a demise to his opponents, plans that almost always work.

In that sense, Batman is the greatest hero of all time. Not only is he human, not only does he have an amazing dedication to what he does, not only does he have a powerful complex thinking mind, but he also has the courage to fight when he needs to, the technology to stay safe. He might not be the most social of people, and not work well with other people, but he is the most efficient in what he does.

Altogether, this means that Batman is the hero of the times, the solution to our problems. The only issue now is that Batman is fictional, and we live in a world without fictional characters. Do not fear, for there is always a solution. I’m Batman, and I, contrary to the Batman of the comics, am very real.


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