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State Mathcounts Champions, Once Again

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For the third year in a row, the Kennedy Mathcounts Team won both the Chapter competition and the State competition without any doubt. This year’s 4-person team consisted Geoffrey Wu, Holden Mui, Colin Yao, and Alicia Chen.

On March 4th, 2017, the state competition was held at a Lisle hotel, where it has always taken place. Soon in the morning, the four team members trickled in one by one. Once their coach, Mr. Titus, had been spotted, they headed over, only to be greeted by bagels and bananas, what he called “brain food”. Although some complaints has been noted about how many of the other teams has donuts, the teammates were focused on relaxing before the test.

Soon, the tests began, and the rigorous calculations and frustrations started. First was the sprint round, 40 minutes for 30 questions. After a quick break, target round quickly followed. Each person had 4 sets of 2 problems, but were only given 6 minutes to do each set. Lastly, the team round was set. The 4-person team worked together to solve 20 problems, rereading misread problems, and trying to figure out careless mistakes. The timer beeped, and soon the routine of comparing answers became prominent. The Kennedy exchanged answers with many other teams, shouting small cries of victories at correct answers and expressing confused faces at wrong ones.

After lunch, the countdown round called for the top 16 placed people in the state to participate. Geoffrey Wu, Holden Mui, and Colin Yao were one of the finalists. Students in the audience solved the questions along with all the contestants, confused why many of the questions were left unanswered. In the end, Geoffrey Wu became first place in Countdown, Holden Mui was second, and Colin Yao was third. The awards ceremony was one to celebrate for Kennedy Junior High School. Geoffrey, Holden, and Colin all made the top four in the written portion, which meant that they were going to the national level of mathcounts. Three people from one school is the most Kennedy has ever sent. In addition, Kennedy also won first place team.   

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State Mathcounts Champions, Once Again