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These are some quotes collected around the Pod; 63 quotes for 63 Panthers.

“Basically, the lightning shoop will kill you.”    


“I’m deleting fools left and right.”  


“Have you ever accidentally eaten fly? That’s what it tastes like.”    


“PARCC testing to you… PARCC testing to you…”   


“I’m making a scarf for Poe the crow”   


“Oh yay I’m flying!… wait I forgot to add propellers.”   


“Putting the jet engine under the water would be the very dead.”    


“Robots make the space boats go zoom without us and we go extinct.”   


“Her heart was full of forgival.”   


“The bananas are celery.”   


“How does water reproduce?” “Condensation!”    


“So I can’t call them peasants?”      


“The dargon is watching…”     


“Well, you only live once.” “Yeah, and you only die once, too.”  


“Wombats.” “Crabapples.”    


“What if they’re gonna invade Earth and everyone will be like ‘oh no, it’s the enchiladas’.”   


“This is so expensive.” “ just… take out a zero here and there.”     


“We can just put bubbles over everything.”   


“Honestly, the foam looks like something you would eat. Not something I would eat, but…”


“Are you suggesting that the child would try to eat the walls?”  


“But 40 plus 20 is not less than 60… wait…”     


“Tu eres full of salado.”


“I can just say something weird right now if you want.”   


“Yay! More brainwashing.”  


“We’re just kind of imploding.”


“We’re in a public place. We have to act like normal people.”     


“We have these wonderful evolutionary adaptations called EYES!”




“Clearly, we’re smart.”


“I want to hug a cat.”


“It’s like a warm hug.” “ … on your head.” “Yes.”


“Everything tastes good covered in cheese.”


“Here, have some Styrofoam. Do you want a taste test?”


“When you eat pineapple, the pineapple eats you back.”  


“I tuned this one! I’m not going to let you touch it!”    


“Do you think I’m going to ruin it?” “Yes.”     


“RESOLVED. You are not okay.”     


“Darn… button.”      


“Of all the words I could have pronunced incorrectly… wait.”      


“Once it’s more than half dead it’s not yummy anymore.”     


“Well I’m sure you have been nice, but nothing comes to mind right now.”


“Woah! Persia.”


“I have ears. AHHHHHHHH!”    


“There are too many waves!”    


“Remember to stop and think about your breathing.”    


“It wouldn’t explode that much.”    


“I am the birds!”     


“They would feed the porridge to the cats.”      


“Why does that make sense?”     


“Why measure when you can cry in agony?”


“I’m more of a pterodactyl than a pragmatic.”  


“I can’t draw iguanas. I am a failure at life.”   


“It would be educational, literature-based Batman.”


“Elmo never reads. He’s Elmo. Do you actually expect Elmo to read?”  


“I think spatially… actually I don’t think. At all.”  


“Can you torpedo down some stairs?”      


“Tortoises are bad at twisting.”    


“Dinosaurs will not solve your problems.” “Well, it depends on what flavor…”  


“Why you would be chased by a horde of mice is another question.”      


“Sometimes sounds come out of my mouth.”    


“The shark says shut up.”


“Don’t touch those things because they make you die.”    


“We don’t need anyone to break.”   


“But they’re circles. Like, really round circles.”       


“I’ve decided that intercontinental ballistic missiles needs to become a staple in my vocabulary.”


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A Panther’s Dictionary