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Odyssey Dress Shopping

Kristin Cho, Columnist

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The school year is coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean the excitement stops now.  Especially for the eighth graders, who are enjoying their last year in middle school.  The last three days of school are packed with activities to leave a good impression on the departing students.  Talent shows, team parties, moving on ceremony.  And, to some, most importantly: The Odyssey Trip.

The Odyssey Trip is a boat trip that the eighth graders take towards the end of the school year.  It’s a great bonding experience, from the long bus rides to a day spent having fun with friends.  One catch is that you have to dress formally for the boat ride.  An “inappropriate” outfit can get you excluded from the trip, or a bad one can make the experience miserable.  This is why many girls spend a lot of time making sure that they have the right dress for the occasion.  

Girls started looking for dresses beginning in February.  The Odyssey trip is the prom of eighth grade, and everyone must look “on fleek”.  Makeup looks are solidified, hair styles practiced, and learning to dance has been procrastinated on.  That’s some criteria that the girls need to take into consideration when buying a dress.  While not all girls buy new dresses, groups of girls have been known to go shopping.  Dresses must fit into the school dress code (no spaghetti straps, nothing too short, etc.), match the rest of your style, and you need to be able to go to the bathroom in them.  Heading to malls in groups, friends evaluate dresses together until they find the right one.  

It’s actually a long process.  You need to think about the style you want, and know where to find it.  Not all girls choose to wear dresses.  Panther tradition usually means taking the top floor of the boat.  In the age of technology and middle school hormones, having a flapping dress + wind + phones = terrible trip.  Some girls will chose to wear rompers, a shirt and pants combined, or just dressy pants and a blouse.  Some downfalls are the temperature in dress pants, and the everlasting problem of “taking a leak”.  

This is not online shopping, part of this process is about having fun, and doing it with your #BFFS.  Once the gals find a store, there’s the limiting factors of price, sizes, and (ugh), not being too scandalous with your style.  There’s many different shapes too, and some might not fit your body correctly.  That’s what your friends are for.  Walk out of the dressing room, walk the “catwalk”, and get evaluated.  Once you’ve *finally* paid for everything, next you need to find accessories.  This can be a long or short process depending on the style a girl is looking for.  

There will be a lot of changes, last minute makeup adjustments, shoving safety pins into the too revealing parts.  Gotta look good in those insta selfies!  In the long run, what really matters is being comfortable, chillin’ with your gals the whole day, and having the time of your life.  In eighth grade, course.  This is about moving on to high school, after all.

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Odyssey Dress Shopping