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50 Things to do during the Summer


With less than two weeks of school left, many students have mixed feelings about summer. Many are excited for vacations and warm weather, and eager to leave Kennedy behind and move on the High School. Others are more despondent, thinking about friendships separating and leaving 3 years of memories behind. However, since all of us will be out of school during summer break, many of us without vacation plans will spend long days at home, not sure how to spend the 6 hours and 50 minutes that we had spent at school in the past. However, there are many things you can do without needing to leave town. So I present to you, 50 things to do during the summer:


  1. Watch TV/Netflix/other streaming service (during the day instead of watching it till 4 in the morning)
  2. Eat lots of ice cream (or frozen yogurt if you’re trying to be healthy)
  3. Go for a run (burn off the calories from your ice cream)
  4. Do your summer reading and homework (yep responsible)
  5. Write a story (could be 2 pages or 500 who knows)
  6. Take a nap (especially if you just spent 6 hours writing a full novel)
  7. Check social media (if you have accounts)
  8. Buy some office supplies (because office supplies is fun)
  9. Redecorate your room (why not)
  10. Lie on the floor (really comfy actually)
  11. Listen to music (what’s a summer without music?!?)
  12. Draw something (*try to draw)
  13. Learn a new language (DUOLINGO)
  14. Learn a new instrument (Cymbals!?!)
  15. Get a haircut (preferably not done by yourself)
  16. Run through a sprinkler (generic summer activity)
  17. Go to the pool (generic summer activity number 2)
  18. Bake something (or burn something)
  19. Learn how to juggle (could be useful one day)
  20. Pop bubble wrap
  21. Do a old and stupid but fun youtube challenge (cinnamon challenge??)
  22. Wear camouflage from head to toe and ask people if they can see you
  23. Find out what random holiday(s) it is (International Hummus day)
  24. Read all the Terms of Service (might take all summer)
  25. Watch a Disney movie (pixar works too)
  26. Solve riddles (hah)
  27. Write jokes (haha)
  28. Laugh at your own jokes (HAHA)
  29. Figure out how many goats you are worth (if it’s 0 thats pretty bahhhhhhhd)
  30. Make a list of puns (make someone read them as pun-ishment)
  31. Do a try not to laugh challenge with water in your mouth (cover your computer with plastic wrap)
  32. Watch random youtube videos (time really goes fast when doing this)
  33. Make a video of yourself doing something (anything)
  34. Release a balloon into the sky (or 10,297 like in Up)
  35. Fill an envelope with confetti and send it to a friend (Roy G. Biv)
  36. Go to the dollar store (SPOILER: EVERYTHING IS A DOLLAR)
  37. See how many shirts you can wear at once
  38. Go to IKEA (you’ll probably get lost)
  39. Write a song (or sing a previous one again)
  40. Try baby food (go back to your infant days)
  41. Pretend it’s christmas and sing festive songs while wearing a santa hat and beard
  42. Spend money on useless things (one finger gloves)
  43. Sleep backwards on your bed
  44. Get a picture of yourself blown up into a cardboard cutout
  45. Find out how many grapes you can fit in your mouth (it’s grape)
  46. Get a slinky to go all the way down the stairs without stops
  48. Write your will (be prepared)
  49. Plant something (let it grow let it grow let it grow)
  50. Write of list of 50 things to do when you’re bored (wow creative right)
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More than 40 Things So You’re Not Bored