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Shakespeare at Navy Pier

Christopher Zhou, Managing Editor

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On March 6, Students from Kennedy’s panther team went to Navy pier to visit the shakespeare theater in chicago and watch a live stage production of romeo and juliet. The team did it in order to promote a better understanding of one of history’s greatest playwrights, and arm them with knowledge about his productions.

The day began in a flurried rush, with students scrambling to find which buses they were on and report to the corresponding class. Some, who had prepared for this time beforehand, merely sat down and waited. Although there was some confusion at the start, before long everyone was at their class.

To an observer, the first thing they would have noticed was the student’s dress. In the days before this event, the teachers had forcibly suggested that pupils come dressed in their Sunday best. Despite this, a couple of students forgot to and were briefly chastised by their peers. Most students were dressed nicely though.

Buses then came to transport the students to the theater, a ride that took around 45 minutes. Once there, students were ushered into the theater as the play began. A couple students got to sit in the balcony, while others were relegated to the ground level to watch the play. The show, which was Romeo and Juliet, took around one and a half hours to complete. AFterwards, there was a bit of time set aside for the audience to ask questions and the cast to answer.

In regards to the play itself, students were quite favorable to the performance in general, with many saying that it was excellent. In particular, one student complimented it on its impeccable conveyance of emotion to the audience, saying that “It was very moving, and the actors were good at, like, showing feelings”. Most students share this view, and it seems to have been well received within the panther team.

Watching shakespeare in live theater, complete with all the nuances of his language, is a rare experience to have. The memory will most certainly live on with those who were there as an eye-opening insight into elizabethan theater.

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Shakespeare at Navy Pier