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Do the Academy Awards Actually Accomplish Anything?

Eron Ristich, Columnist

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It’s been another great year for both audiences and movie producers, and with it comes the esteemed Academy Awards. Not only is this a great event to prove ability in the making of a film, but gives audiences suggestions of who to look for when choosing the next film they want to watch. For those of us out there looking for the next great film producer, look no further than the Academy Awards. There isn’t much that can take away from the importance of these awards, and the ideas behind this seem to keep stacking up.

   One of the many great things about the Academy Awards is the competition. Most everyone in the filming business, be it as a costume designer or an actor, wants to achieve some level of greatness. The way to do that is through the Academy Awards. Through the Academy Awards one can be recognized for their achievements, and the rest of the nation would recognize their achievements as well. This level of fame drives many people towards achieving the Academy Awards, and that’s a good thing. The more people try to achieve this goal, the higher quality films become.

   Along with the competition comes the result of victory. Those who succeed in achieving an Academy Award of any type will be able to advance themselves and work with more experienced people. For example, if there’s a person who worked on a film that was generally really bad, and he won an academy award for costume designing or the like, this person could go on to work with more experienced people in the field of film making. Not only does this improve the experience of the people working on the films, but also ultimately produces better films.

   For movies that have parts nominated as possible winners, the awards are a good thing as well. This is so due to the fact that because millions of people are watching these awards, any movie mentioned in them can be considered as a good film, especially in the aspect of question, which ultimately means that these movies are being advertised to millions of people, some of whom may not have yet watched the movie being described. It has been seen that the box office results are considerably higher for movies in the Academy Awards after the Academy Awards are over.

   In a nutshell, the Academy Awards are good not just for actors and songwriters and those in film production careers, but rather for the rest of the population, and for the movie business in general. Without the Academy Awards, there wouldn’t be the level of competition there is currently, and there wouldn’t be as many great films as we have today. The movie world- and maybe even life as we know it- wouldn’t be quite the same.

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Do the Academy Awards Actually Accomplish Anything?