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Nothing wraps up the ends of a great winter sports season like the familiar intramural of BSQ. This morning intramural is lead by Mr. Murray (8th grade Discovery team math teacher) and Mr. Whildin (6th grade Andes team social science and science teacher) is a program training students of all grades to come and prepare themselves for track season. Students and staff know, that when Bigger, Stronger, Quicker starts meeting every morning at 6:30 sharp, track season is well on its way.

BSQ meets every morning in the wood gym at 6:30 to start getting kids in shape for the intense and various workouts directed by boys’ and girls’ track coaches. Every morning is a different type of training. Whether it’s by sprints, endurance, coordination working, hurdles, handoffs, starting blocks, indoor shot put, or fitness center, Mr. Murray and Mr. Whildin always plan something challenging and pushing for the dedicated runners. Often seen with a thermos full of coffee and occasionally a donut, the two devoted coaches take the time to create an athletic and welcoming program open to all grades. Only six weeks long, the program is long enough to get students prepared for upcoming track. With it’s first day on February 1st and last day on March 9th, Bigger, Stronger, Quicker offers plenty of time to condition and strengthen athletes anticipating the spring running season.

Each morning practice starts off with all runners doing a warmup of two speedy laps inside the school up at exactly 6:30 am sharp. These laps get the legs moving, blood flowing, and muscles loose so athletes can have their bodies prepared for whatever workout is planned. Once two laps have been completed, students form a large circle in the wood gym where usually a few 8th graders will lead everyone else in stretches. That is one of the great things about this intramural. While it isn’t an official sport or club, the students participating in it still act as a team and enjoy training with each other. The 7th and 8th graders may not know each other, but they still help and support one another as teammates. Bigger, Stronger, Quicker isn’t just a boot camp, it has also been a safe and casual place where runners can make new friends or simply get some exercise before the school day. It provides opportunities for self-directed learners to take care of their bodies and their health. It also allows people to take steps towards independence and preparation for a sure to be exciting track season of 2017.

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